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Organization is the key to a successful room, and the laundry room is no exception. Laundry room organization can be daunting if space is limited, but the pins featured in this week Pinterest Trends show great ways to organize laundry rooms of all shapes and sizes.

When planning for organization, the key factor is efficiency. No one likes doing laundry, so making the workflow as functional as possible will maximize your efficiency and minimize your time spent doing chores.

I love when there’s a thin cabinet between the washer and dryer to hold everything from detergent to dryer sheets. If you’re working with a smaller-sized room, ironing boards built into drawers are an amazing space saver. They fold out when they’re needed and fold in when they’re not, freeing up space in the closet. If you have a laundry closet, hanging racks over the door is a great storage solution for your cleaning products. It takes up virtually no space and can be hidden when the closet isn’t being used. If you have front-loading machines, you can put a counter over the top of them, creating a space perfect for folding and ironing. Open shelving, a popular 2014 kitchen trend, also looks stellar in laundry rooms. It’s also essential to have a space to hang clothes that need to be dried. If you don’t have any hanging space, you can incorporate drying racks into your counter that pull out when they’re needed and can be pushed back in when you’re done.

When it comes to laundry rooms, don’t get agonized! Get organized! Spending a weekend applying these tips to your laundry area will simplify your life in the long run.

To see the rest of our laundry room organization pins, check out our Laundry Room Organization pinboard here. To see all of our pinboards, including boards with tips for organizing your kitchen and bathroom, click here.


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