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When you’re choosing a color for your kitchen and bathroom, you should think about how the color makes you feel, not just how it looks. Each color has its own psychological effect on the human mind. For example, blue deters appetite and shouldn’t be used in the kitchen, but it also evokes serenity and is perfect for the bathroom.

A color I absolutely love for both kitchens and bathrooms is yellow. It exudes happiness and warmth, which are the essence of the home. If your room doesn’t get a lot of natural light or could use some visual warmth, yellow is the ideal choice. It’s not too far from white and can be used as a neutral to complement almost any color, from black to white and every other color in the color spectrum. Whether modern metals or warm wood finishes, yellow offers infinite possibilities.

I went pin crazy with yellow spaces, and they’re great examples of the ways you can use different shades. It’s a great color by itself, and combining different shades creates a warm and airy kitchen. Whether you pair a creamy shade with navy and red, or a bolder shade with lime green, you’ll have a beautiful, mellow yellow room.

Yellow is also an extremely functional color. It makes smaller rooms look larger and taller. It also camouflages dirt, giving you a low-maintenance, high-style paint color.

See all of our yellow kitchens and bathrooms on our Mellow Yellow pinboard here and the rest of our pin collection here.


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