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We all know that laundry is the last thing anyone looks forward to, so why not create a space that makes it more enjoyable? Rather than keeping your traditional, bland laundry room, look at ways to spruce it up!

The featured Laundry Room pins show just a few ways you can create a space that is more captivating. There are multiple cabinets that allow for storage so nothing is out on the counters. Everything you need is out of sight so there is no clutter to look at. Features like drying racks are convenient for clothing items that can’t go through the dryer. This eliminates having to hang them on hangers where they will be in the way other places in the house. Baskets are also very useful in the laundry room and double as decorative pieces. You can also see in these pins that the color is very neutral. There are no harsh colors that end up making the room look smaller.

Even though guests rarely see this room, why should you have to endure a space that is boring? Check out the rest of our Laundry Rooms We Love pins for more ideas. You’ll thank yourself later!

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