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Laundry Rooms can get messy fast if you don’t have the right layout. Set yourself up for success with these laundry room organization tips!

As you can see in the pins above, there is plenty of storage options in these laundry rooms. This is the most important step in getting organized. There is a dedicated spot for all the essentials, whether it’s on the counter in a decorative holder or in the cabinets and drawers. Nothing looks out of place, you don’t have messy containers on the counters and clothes aren’t thrown everywhere. Another way to de-clutter the space is to add in a drying bar for clothes that can’t be put in the dryer. This eliminates having to hang clothes in your hallway door frames in the rest of your house. Using a bath towel holder mounted on the underside of a shelf allows more room for shirts to be hung then just a regular drying bar. The bath towel holder can double as a spot to hang shirts that you just ironed.

This brings us into the next step of staying organized and saving space. Instead of keeping an ironing board laying around the room, mount an ironing board to the wall that folds out. Don’t allow the laundry room to become a catch all for jackets, shoes, pet supplies, etc. If you want to create a multi-purpose laundry room that has the opportunity to have a spot for jackets, shoes, pet supplies, etc., check out our article 5 Multi-Purpose Laundry Rooms.

For more inspiration on laundry room organization, check out the rest of our pins here!

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