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This week at Kitchen Bath Trends, we’ve been all about kitchen accessories. Having the right accessories to complement your kitchen will make it as functional as it is luxurious.

You can pick the right faucet, sink, cabinet material and wall color, but without accessories and details, a room can feel off balance. The smallest elements tie a room together, especially in the kitchen. There’s always a fine line between decoration and clutter, so it’s imperative to find accessories that are functional as well as beautiful.

In this week’s mood board, the designer does an amazing job of tying accessories into the design. The candlesticks match the stool cushions, and the stool cushions match the curtains. These accessories are integral parts of the overall style of the kitchen. Without them, the kitchen would be incomplete.

Another great way to incorporate functional accessories is to display decorative bottles and plates. If you have dishware with funky patterns that complement your kitchen design, storing them in the open will create a beautiful focal point without having to spend extra money. The same goes for bottles. Manufacturers are starting to pay more attention to the design of their bottles and labels, making ingredients like vinegar and olive oil perfect for showcasing near the stove.

Plants are always a good accessory to bring life into a kitchen. Aesthetically, plants bring airy freshness to a space, but they also have health benefits as well. Studies have shown that houseplants purify air, improve health and sharpen focus.

Cabinetry hardware is one of the most overlooked details, but it plays a significant role in the design and functionality of the kitchen. With the right cabinetry hardware, you can customize the kitchen to reflect your personality.

The pins featured above all incorporate accessories and details into their designs. Whether modern or traditional, the accessories complete the design.

To see all our kitchen accessories pins, view our “Kitchen Accessories” pinboard. For our full collection of kitchen and bath pins, view our profile here.


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