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There are only a few things that are more luxurious than having a bar in your house. Whether used for mixology, the art or skill of preparing mixed drinks, or for dinner preparation, a bar area can be sleek and elegant, rather than your typical “mancave” bar.

There are many options to make sure your bar area is perfect for your own lifestyle. Many include prep sinks, wine refrigerators and sometimes even a built-in television. Cabinets can be wood or glass; shelving can be open or closed; there can be a wine refrigerator or an ice maker; and you can hang glasses from the bottom of your cabinets or store them inside.

The pins featured in this week’s Pinterest Trends article exemplify the different styles of home bar you can have. From contemporary to traditional, these designs are stunning. Each pin encompasses the fundamental theory behind having a home bar: functional luxury. With prep sinks and faucets, wine coolers and plenty of storage, these designs are perfect.

To see more pins of Home Bars We Love, visit our pinboard here. To see our full collection of kitchen and bath pins, visit our profile here.


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