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If you’re looking for a stylish way to design for small spaces, galley kitchens are ideal! Its design originated from the spaces on ships, trains and aircrafts where food was prepared. In the house, it refers to a kitchen that has the units in two facing lines, allowing for maximum use of a restricted space and minimum required movement between units.

These kitchens increase storage by working vertically, meaning that there are hanging pot racks and ceiling hung cabinets. Just because there isn’t a lot of space doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice luxury. Some of the most chic and trendy kitchens I pinned this week are galley kitchens.

Something I noticed in all of these pins is the amount of lighting. The lighting, whether from overhead fixtures or windows, creates the illusion of a bigger space. I absolutely adore this kitchen layout. You can design it for every style from vintage to modern. It’s a functional way to enhance what seems like a small amount of space.

There are an infinite number of ways to create a glamorous galley kitchen. To see all of our pins, check out the Great Galley Kitchens pinboard here, and the rest of our pins here.


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