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2014 is the year of neutrals: gray, beige, yellow, white, cream. You name it, 2014’s got it. Even though neutrals go with everything, it can be difficult to choose the right one for your space. One of my favorite neutral colors is the gray-beige hybrid “greige.” This color has it all. It’s welcoming. It’s stylish. It’s the perfect color for a transitional space. It has the vintage warmth of beige and the modern sheen of gray.

You can pair greige with stainless steel or fireclay, polished chrome or antique brass. No matter what, this color looks great. I went on a total greige pinning spree and found some of the most beautiful kitchens and bathrooms I’ve ever seen. These rooms are welcoming and trendy, creating a beautifully harmonized transitional space.

Whether for a kitchen or a bathroom, using greige will ensure a serene space guaranteed to calm down areas of high traffic. You can use this color for walls, cabinets or accessories, and it will always stand out.

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