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If there’s one thing I love, it’s whimsy. Kitchen and bath designs are chic, trendy and stunning, but there’s rarely a time when you can be whimsical. There’s just something about bright colors, fun accessories and quirky themes that make me feel young. That’s why they’re perfect for a child’s bathroom.

This week I loved all of the children’s bathroom pins! Whether you’re designing for boys, girls, or both, the bathroom is a space to let the imagination run rampant. From Mickey Mouse to the ocean, the options for a whimsical, playful, kid-friendly theme are endless. The best way to enhance your bathroom and reflect your children’s personalities is to emphasize the accessories. As children grow, their interests change. The easiest way to create a space that can grow with your children is to create a neutral foundation. In almost all of the pins, you’ll notice the fixtures (bathtub, sink, toilet, etc.) are white. This allows you to completely change the look of the room with a quick coat of paint and some new accessories.

If you’re designing for one gender, it’s easy. I find the real challenge is appeasing both a boy and a girl, and designing a space they can both feel is their own. Sticking to gender neutral colors, such as green or yellow, is a good start. If there’s a large age difference between your children but they both enjoy a certain character or animal, that’s a good basis for laying the groundwork of a shared environment. For example, when we were kids, my brother and I shared a Looney Toons themed bathroom. When we got older, it was changed to penguins. Even though I’m six years older and monopolized most of the counter space, the room was always as much my brother’s as it was mine.

Creating a space for children can be demanding, but if you remember the room should be fun, you’ll have fun designing it!

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