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Farmhouse kitchens have a very specific look and feel. Instead of influences that you see in traditional kitchens, this style pulls from the farm and country styled homes. These rooms typically have a large table for food prep and informal gatherings, a central area that consists of a wood, gas or electric stove and countless cabinets and shelve for storage of food and cooking utensils. The style of this room should reflect comfortable and casual experiences. When looking to remodel a farmhouse kitchen, your main goal is to balance the industrial designs with the easy going country lifestyle.

When remodeling, you can look at the modern farmhouse kitchen versus the vintage farmhouse kitchen style. The vintage style encompasses the vintage designs and originality that went into old farm and country houses. Stick to farmhouse lighting, cabinets and pulls, furniture and appliances that are true to this style. As you can see in the pins above, the wooden counter tops can give you the feel of the original kitchens as well. Add in accessories to complete the vintage farmhouse look. The modern farmhouse look combines the essence of the vintage farmhouse but mixes in modern luxuries. Sleek modern appliances and large farmhouse sinks pictured in the pins above give you the more modern feel. Adding granite, concrete or stainless steel counter tops can also bring the vintage farmhouse to the modern farmhouse kitchen.

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