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The leaves are changing, the morning air is crisp, and pumpkin coffee is taking over the world. It’s time to put away your shorts and close up your pools, because fall is here. If you’re like me, you love any excuse to decorate your home. This week on Pinterest we fell in love with fall accessories that are sure to warm you up on the coldest nights.

Candles are a must-have fall accessory. Now that the days are getting shorter, candles will bring warmth and light to those cool, dark nights. Fall has some of the best candle scents, such as pumpkin, apple, cinnamon, and caramel. If you’re looking for a fall DIY craft, customizing candle holders is a simple and inexpensive project. Simply tie your favorite fall patterned ribbon around a glass candle holder! It looks cute and can easily be changed for every season or holiday.

Pumpkins are another favorite fall accessory of mine. Real pumpkins are perfect for outdoors, and although it can be a hassle, carving jackolanterns is a great activity for families. If you’re looking for an accessory that will last the entire season, fake pumpkins come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and materials. They’re perfect for any room; they can steal the show as a table centerpiece or bring life to a bathroom as a countertop knick knack.

There are many different flowers that are perfect for fall, but my favorite is sunflowers. Adding some red and orange accent flowers and leaves to the sunflowers will tie together any bouquet, small or large. I love making the bouquets out of fake flowers (which can be found at any craft store) because I, like many other people, am allergic to real ones. They look just as real and will last forever, making them the perfect decoration to use and reuse. You can also create a fall vase to match your candle holders!

There are so many fall crafts and accessories. To see our favorites, visit our Fall in Love pinboard here. To see the rest of our pins, visit our Pinterest site here.


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