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As a designer, there’s nothing I love more than high contrast. It’s a fabulous way to create drama in a room without sacrificing style. Most homeowners think the focal point of a room needs to be an item. Sinks, faucets, mirrors, and lamps are examples of pieces that can add drama to a room. However, a room with drama integrated into the foundation allows for more subtle, clean fixtures. Light walls and counters paired with a dark floor is a great way to construct contrast within the base of the room. The same goes for dark counters and a light floor.

As you’ll see in the pins, these gorgeous rooms all have the same thing in common: balance. Neither the dark nor light aspect of the room outweighs the other. They work together harmoniously to produce one cohesive, striking space.

When it comes to designing, less is always more. If you overuse one of the elements, the room can seem disproportionate. Strategize where you’re going to apply light and dark to each item before you commit to purchasing it. There are many apps you can download for your smartphone that allow you to see what your room will look like after renovation. This way, if you find the room to be unbalanced, you’ll be able to switch everything around. For more information on these apps, check out the article “10 of the Best Remodeling and Renovation Apps.”

When working with darks and lights, don’t feel the need to stick to the ever-so-popular black and white. Variations of light and dark wood also work exquisitely together. If you want to add a pop of color, try a pastel, such as mint green, paired with a dark brown floor treatment.

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