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This week on Pinterest, we created a new pinboard dedicated to the coolest design for kitchen and bath: contemporary. Modern and contemporary designs are easy to spot with three main features: cool colors, sharp angles and signature materials.

As you can see in the featured pins, all of the rooms have the same general color palette. To create a contemporary space, using neutral colors is extremely important. It gives the room a clean, crisp look. There are many different color combinations you can use, which is why all the kitchens and bathrooms above have a similar feel but don’t look exactly the same. A great way to create contrast without integrating a bold color is to play with light and dark hues of the neutral tones. This isn’t to say that incorporating color into a contemporary design will ruin the style, but it should be strategically placed in a way that enhances its surroundings.

Sharp angles are another key feature in contemporary designs. They give the space a sleek and modern feel. You can effectively use sharp edges in elements like counters, mirrors, cabinetry hardware, faucets, tubs and appliances. Creating an environment that is both inviting and modern can often be a difficult task. Gooseneck faucets are a way to alleviate some of the hardness of sharp angles, making the space more welcoming. They make more of an impact on the overall design than traditional faucets do, but without the sharp angles of the typical architectural faucets. The elongated, rounded neck complements the contemporary look without diminishing the integrity of the design.

The last element needed for a contemporary kitchen or bathroom is the material used. There are three signature materials used for modern designs: glass, wood and stainless steel. I feel that wood is the most important material to use in a modern space. It’s perfect for floors, counters, cabinets and more. Stainless steel is a must-have for appliances, fixtures and hardware. It cools down the warmth of wood, building a beautiful contrast. If you want a more open space, using glass for cabinets is a great alternative to wood. The glass not only makes the room seem more spacious and airy, but also gives you the ability to display dishware as artwork.

I love contemporary designs, and compiled some of my favorite pins on our Cool & Contemporary pinboard here. You can also see the rest of our extensive pinboards here.


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