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Consider us star struck, because this week on Pinterest we are loving celebrity kitchens. These kitchens have it all. They’re well designed, with beautiful style and lavish quality.

Each kitchen is one of the main, trending kitchen styles, and they couldn’t have been designed more luxuriously.

Top row: Adam Levine’s kitchen
Middle row: Will and Jada Pinkett Smith’s kitchen, below Will and Jada is Emma Stone’s kitchen, Billy Joel’s kitchen, Ellen DeGeneres’ kitchen
Bottom row: Reese Witherspoon’s kitchen

Adam Levine’s kitchen is modern, contemporary and stunning. I love the open shelves against the dark wood.

The rustic kitchen owned by Will and Jada Pinkett Smith is a Tuscan sanctuary. The checkered backsplash brings even more texture to an already beautifully textured room.

Emma Stone’s farmhouse kitchen has is pristine with its white cabinets and dark wood floor. The stove is integrated into the cabinet fixtures, creating an even more cohesive look.

Billy Joel’s commercial kitchen is every chef’s dream. The stainless steel counters bring a chic, industrial feel to the space. I love that the appliances are in the middle of the room as an island would be. It’s something I’ve never seen before!

The traditional kitchen owned by Ellen DeGeneres is dazzling with its dramatic green wood island. I especially love how the glass cabinet hangs over the island, bringing a modern feel to a vintage space.

My favorite is Reese Witherspoon’s country kitchen. It’s simple, but perfect. The fireclay front apron sink ties the whole room together. The red chairs give the room a pop of color, without being too loud.

Check out the full pinboard with many more celebrity kitchens here.


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