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Just like an outfit, accessories tie a room together. They may be small, but their effect on a room is powerful. When it comes to decorating, most people think of accessories as frames, artwork, floral arrangements, etc. The most overlooked accessory is actually the hardware on your cabinets.

Cabinetry hardware can turn a kitchen or bathroom from drab to fab. With the right knob, a cabinet can look chic and sophisticated. With the wrong one, it can look out of place and awkward.

But cabinetry hardware isn’t just for cabinets. There are many uses for decorative knobs outside of their main function.

My favorite DIY craft is turning cabinetry hardware into a chic jewelry holder. All you need is a piece of wood and an assortment of decorative knobs. Simply screw them in place, and you have a stylish place to hang your jewelry!

Whitehaus Collection has some of my favorite decorative knobs. I especially love the starfish, a beach bathroom must-have, and the crystal flower, which would be perfect for a jewelry holder. All of their decorative knobs come in a bunch of finishes and colors.

Check out our new Kitchen Bath Trends by Whitehaus Pinterest account here!


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