Pinterest Trends: Bold Butcher Blocks

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I’m constantly scouring Pinterest for not only the hottest kitchen and bath trends, but elements that will make your kitchen and bathroom stand out from the rest. One of my favorite trends is using wood in the kitchen, especially for a butcher block counter.

Wood has an incredible presence in the kitchen. It’s warm and relaxing, especially when it’s contrasted with a stark white palette. By choosing the right construction method, finish and thickness, you can customize your wood counter to match any décor and style. The durability of your counter is also determined by these properties.

A hefty benefit of a butcher block countertop is its inherent ability to act as a work surface for food preparation. Wood is easier on cutlery than a stone countertop, essentially making it one giant cutting board. It’s also sound absorbing, so it’s perfect for hosting parties. The overwhelming clinks of china and stemware made on a stone counter are non-existent on a wood surface. You also have the option to match the flooring to your wood counter, creating a little more balance in the room.

Wood is also an extremely eco-friendly material. Sustainability has exponentially increased as a deciding factor in homeowners’ choices for everything from fixtures to flooring. Butcher block counters are the best option for an eco-friendly kitchen. It’s composed of smaller pieces of wood, making a great use for reclaimed or repurposed material. When it shows some age, all you need to do is sand the wood a bit and refinish it with food-grade natural oil.

Not only is wood eco-friendly, it’s also extremely cost-friendly. Being able to buy smaller pieces of wood to fit together is much more cost effective than having to buy an entire slab of stone. Because having seams is part of the look of a butcher block counter, the smaller pieces can fit together like a puzzle without looking weird. Stone needs to be custom cut for it to be seamless, making it exponentially more expensive than wood.

The pins I found are perfect examples of how striking, study and sustainable butcher block counters are. To see more pins, visit our “Bold Butcher Blocks” pinboard here. For our full collection of pins, visit our Pinterest site here.


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