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Serenity. Peace. Relaxation. All of these emotions are evoked by the color blue. This calming color makes the perfect choice for a space that tends to be rather hectic, such as the kitchen. It’s also ideal for creating a soothing spa space in a bathroom. Whether used as an accent or the main color of the room, blue adds harmony and tranquility to any room.

The pins featured in this week’s Pinterest Trends are some of my favorite uses of the color blue. From light to dark, blue influences each room in its own unique way. Because blue can suppress appetite and slow metabolism, it’s best to use neutral blues such as navy and blue-gray when designing for your kitchen, rather than bright ceruleans and powder blues. These colors also allow for pairing with other neutrals and pops of color to create a more dimensional design.

You can incorporate lighter blues in the bathroom, which really plays into the spa theme. The calming effect blue has on a space makes it the perfect color for the bathroom, a place often seen as a sanctuary for relaxation.

To see the entire collection of blue kitchens and bathrooms, visit our Beautiful Blue pinboard here. For all of our kitchen and bath pins, visit our Pinterest profile here.


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