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Since you spend a lot of time getting ready and relaxing in your bathroom, why not have your bathroom give off the feeling of elegance, luxury and relaxation?

Freestanding copper tubs are becoming a sought after item for your bathroom in 2015. Removing built-in tubs and replacing them with more elegant style of freestanding tubs is becoming more and more popular. Designed with relaxation in mind, copper tubs come in many different styles as seen in the pins above. Copper tubs pair well with warm, earthy tones creating an inviting, warm space for you to relax. As you can see above, they are surrounded by natural colors, accessories and wood. There is also windows in each pin above giving off natural light for each bathroom which helps create the warm and relaxing environment that you should expect. If you would like some extra color in the bathroom, you can add in splashes of color with towels or other accessories. Orange is one of the best colors to add in!

For more ideas and designs on tubs for your bathroom, check our pins!

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