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Summer is right around the corner and we’re gearing up for some outdoor entertainment! Summertime is all about spending as much time outdoors gathering with friends and family as you can. Take this time to prep your backyard to be the ultimate hang out space.

Below we have gathered some essential outdoor entertainment elements you may want to consider and get inspired by this year.

Outdoor kitchens are becoming more and more advanced each year. Many homeowners are going above and beyond just the grill and patio set. We’re seeing many outdoor kitchen with full cooking appliances like ovens, griddles and even stoves. Some just as beautiful as their indoor kitchens! When choosing appliances for the outdoors, make sure you have the proper covering and protection for the days of not so nice weather.Outdoor Entertainment Must Haves | Kitchen Bath Trends


The clean, contemporary look of concrete countertops is a popular choice for outdoor kitchens and bars right now. The key to having a perfect concrete counter is finding an experienced professional to install it. Concrete is prone to cracking and needs to be installed correctly and sealed often.Outdoor Entertainment Must Haves | Kitchen Bath Trends


Summer is all about a relaxing happy hour after a long day at work. Turn your backyard bar into your own after hours getaway. High-top bars are a great height for someone who’d like to either stand or sit at the bar. Get a set of some trendy high top bar stools and start serving!


Stainless steel fixtures and appliances is the way to go when it comes to outdoor entertaining. The natural antibacterial properties of stainless are ideal and this material is sure to never rust. Anti-rust finished are essential for outdoor appliances because they’ll need to hold up in any type of weather.
Outdoor Entertainment Must Haves | Kitchen Bath Trends


Nothing says cozy quite like a fireplace. Outdoor fireplaces are evolving from fit pits to beautiful stone creations. Set the ambiance of your outdoor party with a luxe fireplace and some comfy chairs to gather around and your guests will never want to leave.
Outdoor Entertainment Must Haves | Kitchen Bath Trends

Now that you’ve got your creative juices flowing, which element will you be adding to your outdoor entertainment space? let us know in the comments below!


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