Organization in the Cluttered Kitchen

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There are endless tips on how to organize your kitchen, but the true feat is in keeping it organized. There are some people who can clean as they cook, but they tend to be few and far between. These organization strategies are for the cooks who find they use every pot, pan, and utensil they own to make a single meal.

When you’re cooking a meal for guests, it’s imperative to keep mess out of sight. By installing a two-tier island with a higher back, you can hide mess on the lower tier. Even if your guests are sitting on stools at the island, they’ll have a hard time seeing any clutter.

If space allows, installing a prep sink in your island gives you a designated area to toss eggshells or scraps of ingredients while you’re cooking. It also acts as a backup sink if your main sink becomes overrun with dirty dishes. Whitehaus Collection offers prep sinks in every material from stainless steel to copper, and in every shape and size.

An extra large sink is great for letting dishes accumulate. With a high front apron, you can hide stacks of pots and pans. Larger sinks also leave room for washing hands and rinsing produce, even when it’s full of dishes. Whitehaus Collection’s Farmhaus Fireclay front apron sinks are the perfect size for handling a bunch of pots and pans. For a more industrial look, the freestanding stainless steel sinks in Noah’s Collection by Whitehaus are large enough to stash an entire set of dishes.

Having built-in trash receptacles is another way to keep mess hidden. You’re able to sweep trash from the counter directly into the garbage bin, and then tuck it right back into a counter.

Storing ingredients and utensils is great in theory, but can be time consuming in practice. You can create the illusion of counter organization with baskets and crocks. Decorative baskets housed on your counter makes it easy to stay organized. You can just toss ingredients back into their designated baskets without having to worry about making sure it’s neat and tidy. Shallow baskets are also good for confining frequently used bottles and spices. With utensils, you can keep them in crocks on your counter. This displays them neatly without a real organization system. It also keeps everything visible, instead of cluttered when jammed in a drawer.

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