Open-Shelving in the Kitchen: The Basics

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A rising trend in kitchen design is open shelving. Some homeowners are beginning to worry about this trend because they don’t want to be fussing with staging the shelves every day. The good news is, you don’t have to worry about the shelves beyond your first initial set up, even if you use the dishes daily.

To make this possible, here are just a few basic steps to setting things up initially that make staging unnecessary moving forward.


Open-Shelving | Kitchen Bath Trends

For an organized look in your open-shelving, group like dishes together. Group plates, bowl and cups on their own shelf. Organize any baking supplies in beautiful containers on another. Keeping items that belong together, together will help your shelves stay decluttered and clean looking.


Open-Shelving | Kitchen Bath Trends

Make sure the items that you are choosing to display in your open-shelving are attractive to you. Putting items that you don’t love will force you to constantly be fussing with them. You don’t need any special stacking techniques, just group together the items you love.


Open-Shelving | Kitchen Bath Trends

While the items should still be ones you love, you must also make sure they coordinate with your kitchen and that you like seeing them in the open. If you find that items you thought would work with the room look odd, remove them and place them in a closed cabinet.


Open-Shelving | Kitchen Bath Trends

If you have one piece in your kitchen that you absolutely love, highlight that and build around it. If this piece isn’t something that you use daily, even better. This allows you to stage it without having to constantly put it back.


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