Open Concept Kitchen: Beautiful and Beneficial

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The open concept kitchen is taking the kitchen industry by storm. This layout, while not new to the industry, has been gaining momentum in recent years. An open concept kitchen is when there are no or few walls separating the kitchen, dining and living areas. The pros of an open concept kitchen are abundant and seriously outweigh the cons.

Having an open concept kitchen creates a functional gathering space. It allows for a lot of breathing room when entertaining, and also makes you feel connected to your family or guests while cooking. You have a space that allows for more socialization than that of a closed kitchen concept.

Open concept kitchens create more visual space. It’s always a benefit to have a room that seems larger than it is, but it’s extremely beneficial in smaller houses, condos and townhouses. These smaller kitchens become more functional when you diminish the amount of walls separating the three areas.

You also get more value for your money with an open concept kitchen. This layout style is always in demand and will never be outdated. It can increase the value of your house if the next homeowner is searching for a kitchen with an open concept.

These open concept kitchens come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so it’s a great style option for those who want a customizable space. You can create a layout around your personal workflow, optimizing functionality.

Another benefit of an open concept kitchen is how bright and airy the space becomes. With an open layout, you allow natural light to pour in from all sides. This contributes to the room seeming larger and makes the space more welcoming.

Open concept kitchens are most favorable by families because it allows for extreme multitasking. Parents can cook while watching the news and helping children with homework. It perfects the workflow and lets families gather in a communal space without being cramped.

Creating an open layout is not an easy task, but there are certain features that can ease the transition from a closed concept kitchen to an open one. Having a single wall of kitchen cabinetry and an island with storage is a great element for an open concept kitchen. This not only provides extra storage, but also creates a breakfast bar for casual meals.

If space doesn’t allow for an island, a pass through is an ideal solution. A pass through is an opening that resembles a window between two rooms. It can be used to pass dishes through to another room or to create a breakfast bar.

When designing an open concept kitchen, you should select hues in the same tone family for a seamless flow between the kitchen and living areas. Mixing styles such as country in the kitchen and modern in the living area will create serious disconnect between the spaces, negating the effect of an open concept. The best way to tie the rooms together is through accessories. Pulling certain colors from the kitchen and replicating them in the living area will allow your space to truly feel open.

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