New Product Spotlight: WHMFL3364-EB

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Magic Flush Eco-Friendly one piece toilet WHMFL3364-EB


The WHMFL3364-EB toilet has a siphonic action dual flush system, an elongated bowl, and a 1.3/0.8 GPF capacity.


This toilet is ideal for the sustainable home.


The Magic Flush WHMFL3364-EB toilet will save you water and money while looking sleek and timeless. With a heavy focus on sustainable living in the 21st century, many homeowners are beginning to pay more attention to saving energy in their homes. Along with its eco-friendly properties, the WHMFL3364-EB comes with a soft drop seat, saving you from those accidental slams.

The influence of European design brings a classy, luxurious and trendy style to your bathroom. Making the Magic Flush line ideal for most homeowners.


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