Mood Board Monday #38: Open and Fresh

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As the temperature drops and the nights get longer, people start longing for spring. The airy, clean feel that comes from the start of warm weather exudes energy and happiness. Flowers blossom, leaves bud, and grass grows. You can still bring this energy into your home during the winter by creating a space that is open and fresh.

The kitchen featured in today’s mood board does a great job of using dark wood flooring and white cabinets to create a striking contrast. The white cabinets make the space feel light as a feather, but the dark floor keeps the room grounded.

One of the biggest trends right now is subway tiles. Using light green tiles complements the stark white and still keeps the room airy. Paint, while cost-efficient, can seem two-dimensional and flat; the subway tiles give the kitchen some texture.snake-plant-150x150

Adding foliage to the space is a great way to create energy, in addition to improving air quality. Studies have shown that houseplants purify air, improve health and sharpen focus. The “snake plant” is guaranteed to purify air by removing nitrogen oxide produced by fuel-burning appliances.

We love the fireclay sink used in this kitchen. At Whitehaus, our fireclay sinks are handmade from the finest clay, then glazed to make them impervious to stains, cracks, chips, dents and thermal shock. They’re also eco-friendly because they’re made from recycled materials.

The Brushed Nickel fixtures used in this kitchen also contribute to the freshness of the room. The finish is soft, yet defined, making it the perfect choice to accompany the fireclay sink. Together, they enhance the space and create a cohesive look with the cabinets and counter tops.

Get the look with Whitehaus:

  • WH3618 Duet reversible fireclay sink with smooth front apron in White
  • WHKSDTLV3-8201 Vintage III dual handle faucet with long traditional swivel spout, lever handles and solid brass side spray in Brushed Nickel
  • WHFH-HC3131 Forever Hot instant hot/cold water dispenser with traditional spout and self closing hot water handle in Brushed Nickel
  • WHSD45N  Solid brass soap/lotion dispenser in Brushed Nickel
  • WH72 Decorative Cabinetry Hardware Medal Pull Handle in Satin Nickel
  • WH123 Round Solid Brass Knob in Satin Nickel

The base image’s source was created by East Bay, CA based design firm Fiorella Design and found through here.

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