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Mid-century modern style came about in the mid 20th century when designers had the desire to propel postwar American into a more modern era. This simple and fresh style lasted two decades and seems to be making its way back around. Highly influenced by Scandinavian design, mid-century modern is a mix of contemporary graphic patterns, natural materials, simple lines and elements in their purest forms. Motifs and intricate details are definitely banned from this design style. Since mid-century modern design is so simplistic, statement lights and fixtures are what give the space wow-factor.

With a clean and simple aesthetic, the bathroom is the perfect place to introduce this mid-century mod trend into your home. To get this style, opt for sleek polished fixtures, graphic tile patterns and wood finishes.

Get the look with Whitehaus Collection:

WHLX78214  WH-60 WH81214LWHE3CR-15

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