Mood Board #88: Outdoor Showers

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Mood Board Monday Outdoor Showers | Kitchen Bath Trends

Imagine your own spa experience right in your backyard. Bathing in the morning with the sun rising behind you and birds chirping around you, it can’t get more serene than that.

Outdoor showers are popping up in homes of all kinds. From beach side to the suburbs, outdoor showers are not only practical, but they can be a luxurious experience as well.

Aside from the spa-like vibe, outdoor showers can be made practical for any family. They’re great when you have small children who love to play outside on those muddy spring days. After a good mud wrestle, have the kids wash up outside before coming in and making the house a mess!

A bonus about building a shower outdoors is it doesn’t cost nearly as much as putting in an entire bathroom. With just a shower head, lever handle, some plumbing and a structure to build around, you can have a functioning outdoor shower.

Get as creative as you’d like with the materials you use and create a unique outdoor bathing space.


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