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Powder rooms -also called, half-baths- include only a sink and a toilet, but the convenience the offer to guests and residents alike is outstanding, not to mention that they add great value to a home.

How small can a powder room be?

The minimum size of a powder room depends on where it will be located and how much room is available. It can very well take the space of a small closet, the end of a hallway or be an essential part of a waiting room (foyer). While there are no specs that dictate any requirements to the space, basic guidelines need to be met: make sure there is enough distance between sink and toilet, a ventilation system is needed (window or fan) and don’t forget to plan enough space to freely and comfortably open and close the door.


Some fixtures were just designed with a powder room in mind

The popularity of diminutive spaces has triggered an ever increasing variety of similarly scaled fixtures. Sinks are now available in minuscule sizes and specialty shapes, including wall-mount sinks, drop-in or pedestal sinks and corner sinks fit in nicely in small spaces. Single lever faucets are sometimes preferred to dual-control faucets, depending on the sink/vanity configuration.

A corner sink is a great solution for a capricious layout, by confining the sink to a corner, there is enough free space to move and walk around without interfering with the door.

Sleek, one piece toilets are perfect for powder rooms. Space solutions such as recessing the toilet tank into the wall work great, as do shallow storage cabinets, if the layout allows.


Whitehaus Collection® offers great selection of sinks, faucets, toilets and bathroom furniture that would fit perfectly any powder room style and layout.

* image source: – bathroom design by Knight Architects LLC


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