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Medicine cabinets are perfect to help you reduce bathroom clutter, their shelves are great to neatly organize grooming products, makeup, first-aid basics and bath products. Having one available gives you the peace of mind that by closing their doors, all your personal care items and accessories will be out of sight.

Medicine cabinets usually have a mirrored front, and the material and shape of the frame (-or lack of) is a great way to reflect your decorating style. Designed to hang on a wall, they are available in surface mount or recessed configurations, but you can also find them as important part of a bigger storage set up.

These key elements to bathroom organization have evolved over the years to become stylish and elegant. Some medicine cabinets have doors that open up, to the side or that slide over; but invariably their panels include a mirror. Their functionality now integrates features that provide over the top functionality: they can include automatic, slow closing doors, integrated sound system and TV screens, cold storage, built-in electrical outlets and much more.

Surface mount 

A surface mounted medicine cabinet is easy to install and provides deeper storage space. Because of the depth of their space, some come equipped with in-built lights and adjustable shelves, so you can customize their utility as needed. As they hold more items and their suspended weight increases, the stability of the hanging system is crucial.

Recessed mount 

Recessed mount cabinets are inset into the wall, anchored to a rectangle of framing. They provide a sleeker appearance, their uncluttered style ensures that the fixture does not look telltale and uninteresting in your overall room decoration scheme, a seamless installation will make them look more like mirrors than medicine cabinets. However, installation can be tricky: unless you’re replacing an old cabinet with a new one of the same size; these models require you to cut into your sheetrock. Before you even buy the cabinet, you or your contractor will have to make sure there are no obstacles that can’t be moved, such as is electrical wiring or pipes behind the wall.

Whitehaus Collection® offers a wide selection of stunning medicine cabinets and storage units, you can easily find one that’s a good fit, not only for your bathroom but also for the needs of your your day-to-day routine.

* image source: – bathroom designs by Harry Braswell Inc.Edmonds + Lee Architects

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