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Your master bathroom should be more than just an extension from your bedroom. It should be your own sanctuary. A place you can go to not only wash up, but relax and feel comfortable as well.

Every home owner has their wants and needs. Here is a wish list of those extra wants that every homeowner would love to squeeze into their budget!

Long Counter with Double Sinks
Counter space in the bathroom is essential when you have a vanity with double sinks. Having extra counter space will give you plenty of room when you and your spouse are getting ready at the same time.Master Bathroom Wish List | Kitchen Bath Trends

Single Hole Faucets
Single hole faucets are convenient and sleek for all bathroom styles. The single handle creates simple control of water pressure and temperature. This Luxe Series faucet from Whitehaus Collection is a great addition to your master bathroom sink.Master Bathroom Wish List | Kitchen Bath Trends

Walk-In Closet
Step out of the shower and into your closet with an attached his and hers walk in closet. Create great flow by connecting a walk in closet to your bathroom on the opposite side. This way, you can get all your morning grooming done in one spot.Master Bathroom Wish List | Kitchen Bath Trends

Radiant Floors
If you’re doing a complete bathroom remodel, you may want to consider putting in heated floors. In the colder months, tiled rooms tend to get very chilly. Install a water safe electric pad under the tiles in the bathroom for additional comfort.Master Bathroom Wish List | Kitchen Bath Trends

Curb less Shower
Ditch the curb! A curb less shower will give your bathroom a very spa-like feel. If you’re concerned about water getting all over the floor, either pitch the shower floor downwards toward the drain, or make the entire bathroom a wet area for easy clean-up!curbless-shower

Free Standing tub
While a master bathroom is on the larger side, you’ll need to create a focal point within the space. A free standing bathtub is the perfect way to do so. Whether it’s a vintage claw foot or a modern vanishing glass tub, having this piece in the center of your bathroom will create tons of wow factor.Master Bathroom Wish List | Kitchen Bath Trends

Heated Towel Rack
There is nothing cozier in the winter months than a warm towel after your shower. These look especially great in contemporary style bathrooms.Master Bathroom Wish List | Kitchen Bath Trends

High Tech Medicine Cabinet
A high tech medicine cabinet is the perfect combination of storage and technology in your master bathroom. Listen to your favorite music while you get ready with this Musichaus medicine cabinet by Whitehaus Collection!Master Bathroom Wish List | Kitchen Bath Trends

The possibilities are nearly endless when it comes to designing your master bathroom. Take some of these non-traditional elements and incorporate them in your next master bathroom remodel!

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