Lighted bathroom mirrors

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There is no doubt mirrors are an essential part of a bathroom design. Morning routines wouldn’t be the same without a mirror that makes primping easier. A generous size mirror is always a safe option, turning it into a very useful focal point of the whole room layout. But sometimes, you might need an extra mirror to aid in touch-ups that require a closer look, or perhaps, in smaller spaces, mirrors need to be downsized, now having the option to add light to boost their functionality.

Contemporary and stylish, Whitehaus Collection®’s mirrors with LED lighting and magnification offer a clean, bright option to complete your everyday routine. Available in your choice of either Polished Chrome or Brushed Nickel, these dual sided mirrors have 1x magnification on one side and 7x magnification on the other, you can be sure every detail is in place. The built in LED lighting around the perimeter of both mirrors is activated with a simple touch of a switch. Especially designed for humid environments, they bring minimalist design into your room, along with flawless functionality and connectivity.




View the full line of Whitehaus Collection® mirrors.

*image source: – bathroom design by: Deimler Family Construction


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