Kitchen Remodel in 5 Simple Steps

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When planning a full kitchen remodel, things can get overwhelming very quickly. Make the process easier by weighing out your wants and needs, prioritizing, finding the right professionals and adding the perfect fixtures and finishes. Here are 5 steps to follow to achieve a smooth kitchen remodel.

Decide What You Want and Get Inspired

Start by thinking about what it is you want and need in your new kitchen. From there, get inspiration from magazines and blogs to choose a style and color palette you want to follow. This first step will help you organize your thoughts and lead you in the right direction.
Kitchen Remodel in 5 Simple Steps | Kitchen Bath Trends


Establish Your Budget and Prioritize

How much are you willing to spend? What are some must haves for your kitchens functionality? These questions are important to think about before you actually get started.Kitchen Remodel in 5 Simple Steps | Kitchen Bath Trends


Research and Plan

Research is key. After you’ve determined the look you’re going for, do some research on materials before you meet with a contractor. This will remove any shock factor you may have when you’re presented with a quote. This will also give you a better idea of where you’re falling in your budget.Kitchen Remodel in 5 Simple Steps | Kitchen Bath Trends


Find Contractors

It’s always a good idea to get multiple quotes. All contractors have different ways of working and different rates. Meet with a few different contractors to make sure you like how they work and what their work looks like.Kitchen Remodel in 5 Simple Steps | Kitchen Bath Trends


Fixtures and Finishes

Now for the fun part; picking fixtures, finishes and appliances. This is where you take your inspirations from step one and bring them to life. Start with a color scheme and build off of it. From warm tones to cool, neutrals to a pop of color, there are millions of combinations to choose from. Start with one finish you absolutely love and base the kitchen around that. If it’s a Carrera Marble counter top, then carry the grey and white tones throughout. Maybe you found an earthy stone back splash you adore, choose a palette that has lots of browns and creams.Kitchen Remodel in 5 Simple Steps | Kitchen Bath Trends

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