Kitchen Design with Flawless Work Flow

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Designing your new dream kitchen can be both very exciting and overwhelming at the same time. While choosing your appliances, cabinets and fixtures, be careful not to try and fit too much in the space. It’s very important to keep the kitchen flow in mind when starting from scratch designing your kitchen. Here are some key points to remember while going through the process.

Kitchen Design with Flawless Work Flow | Kitchen Bath Trends

Keep Entryways Clear
As this may seem like an obvious point, keeping the doorways clear is important to keep in mind when placing cabinets and appliances. Always make sure there is enough room for people to walk through the door with any appliance or cabinet door open at the same time. Even if it does open up into the doorway.

Consider Sitting Space
If your kitchen design includes and island or any type of nook/sitting area, make sure you account for the stools or chairs you will want to use. Kitchen islands with seating are meant to give your guests a place to sit where they will be out of the way of the cook, but still close enough to watch or have a conversation. Ideally you’ll want to have stools that you can tuck under the counter when no ones sitting so they don’t obstruct any walkways.

Walkways and Isles
Speaking of walkways, make sure your walkways in the kitchen are at least 36 inches wide and your working walkways are at least 42-48 depending on how many cooks usually work in the kitchen. This is important for the family that love to entertain.

Appliance Clearance
Pay close attention to the placement of your appliances in the kitchen. It’s important to avoid placing two appliances across from each other to maximize your kitchen workflow. This way, when your using both appliances at once it wont be crammed.

Give the Sink some Space
Let plenty of counter space on either side of your sink. It will be very handy to have this space when it comes time for food prep and cleanup when you’re having a gathering and using more dinnerware than normal.

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