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Kitchen & Bath Design News, June 2012

Pick up the June 2012 issue of Kitchen and Bath Design News today, and you’ll notice that Whitehaus Collection has quite a presence throughout the magazine!

Besides our two advertisements that we are proud of, our Magic Flush® toilets have been featured yet again by KBDN.

Last month, KBDN featured the Magic Flush® line in their online Industry Spotlight which features hot new product lines in the kitchen and bath arenas. This month, Magic Flush® can be found in the product review section amongst other top brands. This month’s product review’s topic is “Inside the world of Water Closets.”

The article can be seen below, simply click the image to enlarge.

KBDN’s Product Review’s “Inside the world of Water Closets.”

The review states: “Whitehaus Collection now offers the UPC-approved Magic Flush® eco-friendly toilet line. A dual-flush mechanism allows the user to limit the amount of water used per flush at 1.6/0.8 gallons per flush.”

To learn more about the Magic Flush® line, click here. To view our short video on the Magic Flush® line, click here.

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