How to make White Bathrooms Work

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All white bathrooms can work in any design style. Majority of the time you will see the all white palette in a more minimal and contemporary setting. Typically, in a modern home with very straight clean lines and barely any color at all. While that look is beautiful and very fashion forward, the contemporary style doesn’t always work for everyone. Make the white on white bathroom trend work in your home with these simple tricks.

Accessories That Pop
Bringing in a pop of color is the best way to brighten up a white space. Whether you choose a bright hue or something more pastel, any color will contrast nicely against the all white palette. Sometimes a vase of fresh lavender sprigs will do the job.

Another way to add some edge to your space is with different metals. Glam up your bathroom with a hammered copper basin or bronze faucets and fixtures. Just adding this little bit of metallic will make all the difference, giving your bathroom some attitude.

How to make white bathrooms work | Kitchen Bath Trends

Various Shades and Texture
All-white doesn’t necessarily mean you have to stick to the same shade of white. Mix it up with different shades and textures. Introduce creams and other light neutral shade that will read as white. You can even get away with a very light grey or light brown that resembles white.

Texture is key in creating dimension and contrast with a monochromatic palette. Try finding a white on white wallpaper with raised artwork to add interest to the walls. Accent with a fur throw or white wood cabinetry with a grey and white marble top.

For a more natural look, bring in wood elements and greenery. The bathroom is the perfect room to bring a little bit of the outdoors in. Fill your bathroom with indoor plants to create your own little sanctuary. Natural wood will look beautiful on the floors or as your counter top in your new monochromatic space.

How to make white bathrooms work | Kitchen Bath Trends

Create a Mood with Different Elements
If your style tends to be more on the transitional side, try bringing in vintage style elements to add character. Nothing makes more of a statement then a free standing footed bathtub. Accompany this with a beautiful copper tub filler and you’ve instantly brought your sterile room to life.

Go industrial and opt for a steel vanity and subway tiles. The industrial style is very minimalist as well complimenting the white monochrome perfectly. Incorporate oil rubbed bronze fixtures in utility style for that dark city-like contrast.

How to make white bathrooms work | Kitchen Bath Trends

Now that you have the ins and outs on how to make a white bathroom work, try it for yourself!

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