How To Care For and Clean Your Copper Sink

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How To Care For and Clean Your Copper Sink



Copper is best recognized for its strength, durability, and ageless beauty. One of the greatest benefits of owning a copper sink is the properties of the material – the older it becomes, the more beautiful the finish. This is because copper is a metal that changes and evolves with time as it reacts to various elements.

Keeping your Copperhaus sink looking beautiful is simple, and in most cases – maintenance free. Copper sinks are a very functional luxury, they don’t require any special treatment from the homeowner. Here are a few guidelines and suggestions to maintain your copper sinks’s natural good looks:


  • Maintaining Copper
    Our Copperhaus kitchen and bathroom sinks are completed with a patina finish that is ‘fired’ into the material, giving the sink a weathered or aged appearance. This is the desired look for a copper sink. You will find that your Copperhaus sink will “age” and look even more unique and charming as time passes than when you first purchased it! If you scrub, polish, or use any abrasive or acid-based product on your Copperhaus sink, you will damage the patina finish. The key to maintaining your sink is all about what you don’t do – don’t scrub or polish them! Easy!
  • So How Do I Clean It?
    Rinse your Copperhaus kitchen or bathroom sink with water after each use. To give the sink a thorough cleaning, use mild soap and a soft cloth from time to time, and always avoid using any abrasives or acid-based products on it.


The result of this simple routine of ‘rinse and wash,’ is a copper sink that exhibits both delicate beauty, and solid strength that will provide a lifetime of enjoyment.

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