His and Her Bathroom Ideas

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His & Her Bathroom Style

For couples who have the space to design a his and her bathroom, there are many options to create a room that will work for both people. If designed properly, getting ready in the morning should be a breeze. There will no longer be a need to fight over who gets to shower first or battling for mirror space while brushing teeth. A his and her bathroom solves small problems so both people will be able to have the luxury of relaxing, unwinding, and feeling stress free.

To effectively design a functional space requires an understanding of each person. First, identify the activities the space will be used for, such as bathing, showering, grooming, dressing, relaxation, health and wellness, etc. There are different options for the vanity/countertop and shower/bathtub to choose from to customize the space. Understanding the importance of the elements that would like to be included will make the design process much easier.

Vanity & Countertop

Grooming is the main purpose for having vanity. Making sure you have good lighting, sufficient counter space, and a proper mirror will make grooming a lot easier. There are two different ways to design a vanity for a his and her bathroom. The popular option for many years has been matching vanities. Therefore, each person can have their own space to use as they prefer. Medicine cabinets and storage stay separate to store their own toiletries and bath accessories.

The other option is a single vanity that both people share. The his and her double sink configuration has been used in this kind of style for a long time, but people are realizing it makes more sense to have a second sink to allow more counter space. Having one sink and eliminating the other saves money on the water bill. Many couples have found a second source of water is less important than having extra countertop space.

Having two vanity areas or sharing the same space are both great options for a his and her bathroom. Think about the lifestyles of the people who are going to be using the space to decide which style will be the most functional.

Shower & Bathtub

Create a large shower area for a his and her bathroom so the option is available to include other luxury items. Install two sets of shower heads and body sprays, so that a couple can enjoy the experience of bathing together, but they will have their own source of water. Designers often call these “shower towers,” when multiple spray heads are lined up in a row. If you are planning on adding extra shower features, you may need to resize your existing floor drain and plumbing to accommodate for the excess water.

Add a shampoo niche for each person to place their shampoo and soaps. Complete the look with a bench for both people to enjoy the feeling of sitting back and letting the steam hit their face and body. There are many additional features that can be added to the shower, so explore all your different options and even splurge a little bit if it’s something you have always wanted.

There is no reason for a couple to need two bathtubs in a his and her bathroom. One bathtub to share and enjoy by yourself or with another is perfect. On average, one person will want to use the bathtub more than the other. If this is the case, then let the person who wants to use the tub more often be the one to select it.

Whitehaus Collection hammered copper bathtub from Bathhaus

For a bathtub that is stylish and lavish, think Whitehaus Collection. A hammered copper bathtub is a statement piece that will stand out as the focal point of the room. Great for a modern or traditional styled bathroom, the copper is a beautiful material that will gracefully age over time. Whitehaus Collection is known for their unique designs and luxurious fixtures. For more advice on different bathtub materials, check out the article, “Positives and Negatives of Bathtub Materials.”

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