Your Guide to Black Fixtures

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There’s a high level of sophistication that comes with the daring shade of black. You can either play that up or down by pairing your black fixtures with high-gloss shiny materials for an art deco, luxurious vibe, or tone it down with matte finishes, dull stone and warm wood accents. Since black is such a rich shade, we find that homeowners have a love/hate relationship with the idea of incorporating black in spaces that normally remain neutral like the kitchen and bathroom.

We’ve compiled a list of pros and cons to help sway your decision either which way.

– Very versitle and matches any design
– Doesn’t show dirt, fingerprints or water spots as a shinier finish would
– Easily create a mixed metal look with brushed gold or brass fixtures
– Unique choice and will bring interest into your space.

– Doesn’t match well with other shiny finish fixtures (such as chrome)
– Harder to find on the market while brushed nickel and chrome still remain more popular
– Because of its scarcity, there aren’t a ton of styles to choose from (at this point in time)

Your Guide to Black Fixtures | Kitchen Bath Trends Your Guide to Black Fixtures | Kitchen Bath Trends

Hopefully this black fixtures guide has helped you make a cleared decision on whether you’ll be incorporating it in your interiors this year! Let us know in the comments if you are for or against black fixtures.

Image Sources: True Design Studios | Linc Thelen

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