Functionality: The Key to A Great Laundry Room

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A sunny laundry room with stainless steel accents: makes doing laundry....not so bad...

A sunny laundry room with stainless steel accents: makes doing laundry….not so bad…

This week, we’ve been all about the laundry room here at Whitehaus! We offer beautiful fixtures for the kitchen and the bath, but we don’t talk about the laundry room all that often – and we spend a lot of time in the laundry room. The key to a great laundry room is funtionality, plain and simple. No one goes to the laundry room to hang out, they go to get chores done!

Here’s a look at top laundry and utility options available at Whitehaus:

We offer a great deal of stainless steel options for the laundry room, mud room, utility room – anywhere serious work needs to be done, there’s a sink for that! To the left is one of our freestanding laundry sinks, WH4124. All of our stainless steel laundry and utility sinks are made of 304 series stainless steel. This particular sink is a 14 gauge stainless steel sink.

What does stainless steel gauge matter and how do you pick the right one for you? Quality sinks are made from thicker stainless steel, the lower the gauge number is, the thicker the stainless steel is. Generally, a sink that’s being used for laundry or utility purposes (or a kitchen sink that’s going to be putting in a lot of work) should be anywhere from 18 gauge and lower. Prep and bar sinks don’t need to be as thick, because they aren’t used as often. Thinner stainless steel sinks are more susceptible to dents, and will most likely make a tin-like noise when water is running.

All of Whitehaus freestanding laundry sinks have adjustable legs so the height of the sink can be altered to your preference, and they are complete with 8″ pre-drilled holes for a wall mount faucet. Currently, we offer two wall mount faucet options for laundry sinks:

WHFS812 Wall Mount Faucet

WHFS812 Wall Mount Faucet

WHFS813 Wall Mount Faucet




Both of these faucets have an extended spout length, able to reach further in larger bowl sinks as the Whitehaus laundry sinks. the WHFS812 has a spout length of 12″ and the WHFS813 has a double jointed, retractable swing spout with a length of 18″.

These wall mount faucets could also be paired with our newer laundry sink models which are not freestanding, but wall

18 gauge laundry sink with a length of 47 1/4"!

18 gauge laundry sink with a length of 47 1/4″!

mounted or drop-in options. The largest one, and the most unique is the Noah’s Collection WHNC4513L:

This sink is great for accommodating a large amount of materials. Handwashing laundry? No problem. Watering potted plants in the sink? Plenty of room.

Like stated in this article here, laundry rooms and utility rooms are becoming less conventional, and fireclay and copper sinks are also being seen there, which isn’t surprising based on the durability of those sinks as well.

Check out the full collection of Whitehaus stainless steel laundry sinks here, and if you’d like to be a little unique, browse our fireclay and copper selections.

But tell us, what’s YOUR dream laundry sink?

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