Front Apron Sinks Styles for Kitchens of All Kinds

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Front apron sinks are gaining a lot of popularity in the kitchen recently. This is because there are many different styles to choose from making them a timeless kitchen essential.

Although they remain popular in country style homes, front apron sinks are not just for the farmhouse kitchen any more. They come in many different styles, from farmhouse to copper and stainless steel, there are front apron sinks out there for everyone.

WHFLQ3318 Farmhaus Fireclay Reversible Series Quatro Alcove
Fluted front apron sinks are one of the more popular styles. The basic vertical lines give just enough detail without being over the top. The WHFLAL3018 farmhaus sink from the Reversible Series is a classic piece for the kitchen. This sink is very versatile and will go with many kitchen styles.


WHFLRPL2418 Farmhaus Fireclay Reversible Series
Much like a fluted style sink, the raised panel fireclay sinks are a timeless piece. The crisp lines of the paneling on the sink will compliment any kitchen design.


WHFLGO3318 Gothichaus Reversible Series
These stylized sinks are stunning without a doubt. The attention to detail in this Gothichaus sink by Whitehaus will add richness to your home. Not to mention, they’re reversible too. Homeowners will sometimes shy away from very decorative pieces in fear that they’ll grow bored of them. All fireclay sinks in the Reversible Series come with a fluted style on the back side, making these essentially a 2-in-1 deal. Just flip the sink when you’re bored of one side!


WHNAPCV3218 Noah’s Collection Chefhaus Series
This style front apron sink is one that breaks the mold from the traditional front aprons. The arched front apron is definitely an eye catcher that can work well in contemporary homes. It adds just the right amount of drama to the room. The durability of this stainless steel sink is a great plus as well.


WHQDB532 Farmhaus Fireclay Quarto Alcove Series
This style front apron sink works great in an architectural heavy home. The lip part of the apron also resembles crown molding which you may have throughout your home. If so, this may be the sink for you.


WHB5033 Farmhaus Fireclay Basichaus Series
The smooth front apron sinks are one of the most popular front apron styles. They’re very versatile, and can mix with any pre-existing kitchen style. From French country to contemporary, the Basichaus fireclay sink by Whitehaus will be sure to fit your kitchen needs.


WH5319COFCT Copperhaus
Copper is back and better than ever. Copper accents in the home is a huge trend right now and one that may stay for a little while. As copper is such a bold color, it important to use it sparingly. A splash of a copper sink will satisfy your needs.


WHNCMAP3026 Noah’s Collection Commercial Series
The decorative notched front apron sink is a unique design for a stainless steel fixture. The decorative notch, gives the sink more dimension and brings interest into your kitchen.


Front apron sinks are sought after for their unique style, deep bowls and versatility. Which style do you see fitting into your kitchen?

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