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For the past few years, the trend for laundry sinks has been stainless steel. They’re durable, sturdy and resilient to cracks and chips. While they match almost every décor, recently people have been opting for Fireclay laundry sinks because they create a softer look than the strength of the steel.

There are many benefits to a Fireclay laundry sink besides the look of it. The glazing of the sink surface provides both durability and shine over long periods of time. The raw material used, fine fireclay, allows for uniformity in the finish. The glaze is also practically impervious to threatening bacteria. Stains do not penetrate the glaze and can be easily wiped away. Acids and chemical cleaners have virtually no adverse effect on the sink. The sinks are also not adversely affected by scratches, which can easily be wiped away. Thermal shock (very hot or very cold water) also has no effect whatsoever on our Fireclay kitchen sinks.

As we stated in our Mood Board Monday, which also featured a Fireclay laundry sink, a lot of time is spent doing chores in the laundry room. Creating a more luxurious space to complete chores in will make the task a little less daunting. In addition to upgrading your lifestyle, investing in a better laundry room will also increase the value of your home.

At Whitehaus, we know the color white isn’t for everyone. That’s why we have Fireclay sinks in Biscuit, Black and Sapphire Blue finishes, in addition to the classic White. We also have a variety of shapes and styles ranging from single to double bowl, from 20 inches to 33 inches. Whether your laundry room is small or spacious, we have the sink for you. There is also a variety of designs you can choose from with our reversible sinks. There are sinks with smooth front aprons on one side and fluted front aprons on the other. If you want a fancier look, we have concave, raised panel, gothic swirl, diamond design and castle design front aprons, all with a reversible fluted front apron. Having a reversible Fireclay sink is extremely beneficial if you accidentally chip your sink or want a new look, but can’t afford a new sink. Just turn your Fireclay sink around and your room will have an entirely new feel! In extreme cases, we also offer a Fireclay repair kit to fill any accidental chips.

Click here to view all of our Fireclay sinks.

Featured Fireclay sinks:

  • WHFLDI3018 (coming soon!)
  • WHFLRPL3318 Reversible series fireclay sink with Raised Panel front apron on one side and fluted front apron on other
  • WHFLATN2018 Reversible series fireclay sink with an Athinahaus front apron one side and fluted front apron on opposite side
  • WH3018 Duet reversible fireclay sink with smooth front apron
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