Everything you need to know about Fireclay sinks

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Whitehaus Collection Fireclay sinks have become one of the most sought after design elements in today’s kitchens. These handmade sinks are perfect for the rigors of everyday usage! Popular for its durability, appearance and eco-friendly properties, having a fireclay sink in your kitchen will be a great addition for years to come.Below are important things to know if you are considering a fireclay sink!

1. Benefits of Fireclay Sinks

Fireclay sinks are a design statement for any kitchen. They are a form of ceramic that contains feldspar and quarts, two minerals that are found naturally in granite, making fireclay stronger and more durable than vitreous china. With an A+ thick glaze, Fireclay sinks are non-porous and resistant to bacteria, making for a healthier choice for the family. While fireclay is resistant to scratches, and cracking, the ceramic material isn’t susceptible to corrosion if the finish is chipped unlike other cast iron materials. Fireclay is also resistant to hot, cold, acid or alkali. Whitehaus Collection sinks can be easily cleaned by using warm water and a mild soap then wiping the surface dry with a soft clean cloth. Finishes include white, biscuit, sapphire blue and black. Because of the fireclay sinks front apron design, size and color, they instantly become a focal point for your kitchen. The Whitehaus Collection®’s Glencove WHQ5530 reversible fireclay sink is not only available in those four colors, but is also finished on all four sides making this sink the ideal size and configuration for all your kitchen needs.

2. Choosing the Perfect Fireclay Sink

  • Determine the Exact Dimensions and Installation Options
    Before you order your fireclay sink, you should measure the space and base cabinet where you will be placing the sink. Fireclay sinks are handmade so before you buy or install countertops, cabinets, etc. Whitehaus Collection strongly recommends that the sink be on site. Having the sink on site will ensure that all your measurements are correct since each sink can vary slightly in size. After you determine the exact dimensions, you next have to look at the installation style. You have many options for fireclay – undermount, front apron or even top mount. Make sure you familiarize yourself with each of these options before you decide!
  • Choosing Between the Different Color Options
    The color of your fireclay sink can make or break the style of the room. Making sure that the color sink you choose will complement whatever design style your kitchen has is important. Fireclay sinks are a big and worthwhile expense so you don’t want to have to change it out in the next year or so!
  • Choosing Between the Different Sizes
    Fireclay sinks come in many different design styles and can determine the entire feel of your kitchen. There are fluted, concave, raised panel, plain, and countless unique style options. Make sure the style you choose is right for your kitchen!
  • Choose Quality Over Price
    Your fireclay sink is an essential piece in your kitchen. When you’re choosing, don’t sacrifice quality for a lower price tag. You’ll wind up spending that saved money when you have to replace your sink sooner than you thought. A protective grid is also recommended to protect your sink from dropping a heavy pot or glass.

3. Whitehaus Fireclay Sinks

Whitehaus Collection has an extensive line of Fireclay Sinks which are available for purchase at many retailers, including Amazon, Lowes, Home Depot, Wayfair, Overstock.com, Bluebath, and  2buyandsave. Not only does Whitehaus offer fluted, front apron and solid fireclay sinks, they also have an exclusive line of reversible sinks. This line offers two different designs in the same sink so the homeowner will always have a choice of which one will complement the style of the kitchen better. Have fun and find the right design to match the personality of the kitchen!

4. Incorporating a Whitehaus Faucet

White fireclay sinks are great statement pieces, incorporating a Whitehaus Collection® Vintage III Plus or Twisthaus Plus faucet can complete the look. The faucets from these two lines are statement pieces themselves so be sure they match the rest of your kitchen style!

5. Accessories to include

A protective sink grid is highly recommended. Adding convenient, useful point of use faucets and soap and lotion dispensers, will not only complement the style of your sink set up but will also increase the performance of your space!

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