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Prep or entertainment sinks are smaller, secondary sinks that are usually installed close to the cook top or in an island counter top. Originally considered auxiliary sinks for high-volume areas, they are also often installed as the primary sink in very small kitchens due their compact size, along with prep faucets to match.

They have become popular because with new open space layouts that feature kitchen islands, peninsulas or wet bars, including a prep sink easily increases the working space and improves the flow in your kitchen.

With a prep sink available, you can free-up significant kitchen counter space, allowing multiple cooks to prepare, cook and clean up simultaneously. The food prep process becomes easier and cleanup more convenient. You can use the main sink for dirty dishes and the prep sink for preparing additional food and beverage. Entertaining tasks have been simplified as well, even though these sinks are meant for small jobs and can’t accommodate huge pots and pans; they do make rinsing and refilling glassware and small utensils not only more efficient but also, more enjoyable. 


Adding a point of use faucet that offers hot or cold water on the spot is also a great complement to the prep sink set up, taking your kitchen to a higher functional level.


Whitehaus Collection® offers a wide selection of prep sinks, prep and point of use faucets and kitchen accessories to match.


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