Efficiency in the Kitchen – Infographic [Noel Dempsey]

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It’s a fact that we spend most of our waking time in the kitchen. That is why it is so important that we ensure we have a well designed and laid out kitchen in order to make our lives easier. A well designed kitchen will ensure free flowing of traffic and help you to make the most of your cooking time. Making unnecessary trips over and back to different appliances can take the fun out of cooking so by incorporating some important factors, you can eliminate that problem.

Things like the work triangle, kitchen shapes to suit your home size and even efficient appliances can really make a difference.

This infographic from Noel Dempsey Kitchen Design highlights what makes a kitchen efficient and how you can implement it into your own kitchen…check it out!

An Efficient Kitchen Infographic | Kitchen Bath Trends

Infographic and written article by: Noel Dempsy

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