Eco-Friendly Trends in the Bathroom: Dual Flush Toilets

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Going green is the hottest trend right now. People recycle as often as possible, carpool to work, and carry reusable bags to the grocery store. However, homeowners often forget that going green doesn’t have to stop there. Whitehaus offers a number of products that are certified to be eco-friendly.

The newest eco-friendly product to Whitehaus Collection is the WHMFL3222-EB Magic Flush toilet. This dual flush toilet will save you water and money, making it one of the hottest commodities on the market. An average family of four will save an estimated 10,000 gallons of water per year, with up to an 84% reduction in water usage compared to alternative toilet systems, by switching to a dual flush toilet.

The WHFML3222-EB dual flush toilet has two flush settings: partial and full. The partial flush uses .8 gallons per flush, and the full flush uses 1.6. Both flushes have 600 percent more flushing power than the IAPMO standard. In addition to saving water, this Magic Flush toilet has a soft drop seat. It takes 10 seconds for the seat to fall, eliminating the accidental seat slam. It’s also extremely sanitary. This toilet has a glazed dropway, so there is nowhere for bacteria to cling to, giving you a more hygienic water closet experience. It also allows for easy cleaning of the interior, and the skirt allows for easy cleaning of the exterior.

The benefits of this toilet exceed its eco-friendliness. The WHMFL3222-EB dual flush toilet is also extremely stylish. The design of the skirt hides the tubing completely, which is a hard feature to find anywhere else. The influence of European design brings a classy, luxurious, and trendy style to your bathroom.

Between its certified low-lead faucets and the dual flush toilets, Whitehaus Collection is raising the standard for eco-friendly living in both style and functionality.

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