Designing with Reclaimed Wood

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When renovating your home, there are many decisions that need to be made. Homeowners must come up with plans that will help create the look and feel they want for their home. Choosing what type of materials that you will use is important. Reclaimed wood is becoming one of the most sought after materials to start introducing into your home. With eco-friendly being extremely trendy right now, this rustic, natural look from reclaimed wood will help you fit right in!

Reclaimed wood is wood that has already been used for some other purpose. It could come from an old home or barn that was torn down, shipping crates, wine casks or even old wood stumps. There are specific business that recover this type of wood that would otherwise be discarded.

There are many smart reasons to use reclaimed wood in your home. Homeowners, contractors and builders find that reclaimed wood offers advantages in cost, design and the finished look.

It is a stronger product. Virgin wood is not always as hard or durable as reclaimed wood can be.

It gives old wood a new life. If wood isn’t used again, it ends up in landfills and eventually turns to dust. By using it in your home for your renovation project, it is creating a new purpose and can last for years to come.

It saves energy. By using reclaimed wood, you are using up less natural resources than if you used new lumber.

It is eco-friendly. By reusing and recycling wood, you are reducing your carbon footprint.

It looks great. You cannot duplicate the look, smell or feel of reclaimed wood which automatically adds character to any renovation project.

Barn Wood Cabinets. Using old barn wood for cabinet doors offers a natural, weathered look that can’t be replicated with modern finishes and materials.

Reclaimed Wood Cabinets | Designing With Reclaimed Wood

Wooden Wall Tiles. Reclaimed wood can go anywhere in your home including the shower area.  Instead of using the standard ceramic tiles, wooden tiles makes an incredibly warm and inviting space.

Reclaimed Wood Tiles | Designing With Reclaimed Wood

Slab Dining Table. Attaching an entire wood slab to a metal base as a table brings the outdoors inside. This piece can enhance the already rustic feel of your kitchen or transform a modern kitchen into a completely unique look.

Reclaimed Wood Slab Table | Designing With Reclaimed Wood

Butcher Block Island. Reclaimed wood can be laminated together to make a butcher block counter or island.

Reclaimed Wood Butcher Block Island | Designing With Reclaimed Wood

Wooden Counter Tops. Using wooden counter tops in your home can help compliment white walls and white fixtures, like a white fireclay sink in the kitchen or a china sink in the bathroom.

Reclaimed Wood Countertops | Designing With Reclaimed Wood

Wood Sliding Door. Sliding barn doors create a different stylistic and unique feel for any kitchen or bathroom by bringing the outdoors in.

Reclaimed Wooden Barn Doors | Designing With Reclaimed Wood

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