Creating a Lavish Laundry Room

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When renovating or remodeling, the laundry room is often neglected. Not many people enjoy doing laundry, so they tend to allocate more funds for renovation in the kitchen, bathrooms, or other popular spaces. However, renovating your laundry room into an efficient, stylish space will make spending time in there less of a chore.

Much like the kitchen, the laundry room is most effective when split into zones. Dividing up your laundry room by task will create a natural, seamless work flow. There are three main zones you’ll want to incorporate: prep, wash, and fold. With these three areas, you might even find you enjoy spending time in the laundry room.

The prep zone is typically where you keep a hamper or basket for dirty clothes. You’ll also want to include a counter for treating stained shirts and a deep sink for soaking. Whitehaus Collection offers deep sinks in both fireclay and stainless steel. The Farmhaus Fireclay sinks are perfect for a traditional design; are durable; are scratch, chip, and stain-resistant; and won’t bend with extreme temperatures. The stainless steel Noah’s Collection freestanding sinks bring a modern look to your space and are also extremely durable. Pairing your deep sink with a faucet that has a swivel spout and side spray allows you to maximize the function of the space. Swivel spouts and spray heads let you control the flow of water, making it simple to clean hard-to-reach areas.

In the wash zone, you’ll naturally want to incorporate your washing and drying machines. In addition to the appliances, you should include shelves or cabinets to store cleaning supplies and products. It’s imperative to leave enough space for you to access the appliances without bumping into the cabinetry. If your laundry room is on the smaller side, you can increase storage capacity by elevating your washer and dryer and placing cabinets or drawers underneath. It’ll also make your space more ergonomic because you won’t have to continually bend down to reach inside the appliances.

The fold zone should have the most counter space available in the laundry room. There should also be baskets for clean clothes and a drying rack. To save space, drying racks can be mounted to the wall or ceiling.

You can also make your laundry room more effective by combining it with another space. Laundry rooms that are also mud rooms, pantries, or sitting areas are more useful, and therefore seem less daunting. With some ample lighting and an efficient layout, you can transform your dreary laundry room into a functional, stylish space.

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