Copper: A Marvelous Material

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One of the biggest rising trends in the kitchen and bath industry is copper. From sinks to bathtubs, this material is popping up in homes across America. It’s warm, inviting and stylish, but most importantly, it’s unique. With a copper fixture in your house, you’re sure to have an eye-popping piece that will wow guests with its exceptional beauty.

The benefits of copper exceed its aesthetics. Copper has the ability to regenerate its protective patina making it extremely durable. It’s simple to maintain and clean because of its stain resistant properties. Mild soap and warm water will be enough to keep your piece spotless. The Environmental Protection Agency declared copper and its alloys to be the first solid materials that are naturally antimicrobial. Studies have shown that copper has 95% fewer germs than other surfaces. This is because of copper’s inherent antibacterial and antifungal properties. Bacteria and germs die within hours of being on copper’s surface. A copper fixture is a cost effective way to eliminate household germs and bacteria while adding to the value of your home.

Whitehaus Collection has an extensive supply of copper fixtures for your kitchen and bathroom. With all the different options for shape, size, mount and finish, you’ll be sure to find the perfect piece for your style!

1. Kitchen Sinks

All the kitchen sinks in the Copperhaus collection are either 14 or 16 gauge, so your sink is sure to be extremely thick and durable. They come in various shapes and sizes. The undermount sinks have the option for a smooth or hammered texture and a bronze or copper finish.

The front apron Copperhaus sinks also have the option for a smooth or hammered texture. These sinks come in single, double and triple bowl, giving you the ability to customize your kitchen. Decorative front aprons come in sunflower, pinecone, basket weave and fluted designs. These add a stylish twist to the classic front apron we all love.

Copper kitchen sinks also come in prep and entertainment sizes. These can be installed as an undermount or drop-in and come in square or circular shapes. They fit perfectly in an island as a second sink or in a bar area for entertaining guests.

2. Bathroom Sinks


The bathroom sinks in the Copperhaus collection are either 14 gauge copper or ¼” thick solid cast brass. The above mount sinks come in an array of shapes including rectangular, round, decagonal and square. The solid cast brass sinks come in polished brass and polished nickel finishes. The copper sinks come in smooth textures of copper or bronze. You also have the option for a floral design on one of the round above mount sinks. The design of all the Copperhaus above mount sinks instantly makes them the focal point of your bathroom, adding unparalleled style and flare. For a classic look, drop-in or undermount Copperhaus sinks make a great addition to the bathroom. With round, square or oval designs, these smooth or hammered copper sinks will bring warmth to the space.

3. Freestanding Copper Bathtubs


Whitehaus has taken a leap into the copper trend with our new line of copper bathtubs in the Bathhaus collection. These 16 gauge freestanding tubs have a hammered exterior with a smooth interior. The tubs are available in a copper or bronze exterior, and one of the tubs has a nickel plated interior.

Copper fixtures in your kitchen and bathroom are sure to make a statement. Whitehaus has all of your needs covered with our ample supply of copper products in various shapes, sizes and mounting options.

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