Considerations for a Bathroom Remodel

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Whether your re-designing your current bathroom or starting from scratch, there are some factors to keep in mind for your bathroom remodel. Functionality and style must go hand to create a desirable new space. Keep these 5 considerations in mind on your remodel journey.

It’s always nice to give the toilet section of your bathroom a little more privacy when you have a very open floor plan. Put the toilet in the corner and create a nook with a half or full wall to create a room within a room.hidden-toilet


While a double sink is great for segregating space, you may be giving up a lot of counter space. Before you jump into the “his and hers” sink layout, think about the amount of storage you have and if you’re going to miss having that extra counter top.double-sinks


If you’re current home is not your forever home, you have to keep re-sale in mind for the future. As we all know, buying a home is an investment and you have treat it like one. It’s never a good idea to over spend on the design, appliance and fixtures because all those material things wont necessarily add value to your home. Don’t splurge on that marble tile or the copper appliances if it’s going to restrict you. Think needs, not wants.Considerations for a Bathroom Remodel | Kitchen Bath Trends


Most adults now-a-days can’t remember the last time they took a bath. Consider replacing the bath space with a larger shower. Try his and hers shower heads and get really lux with a door-less design, creating your own oasis in the bathroom.Considerations for a Bathroom Remodel | Kitchen Bath Trends


Water efficient products are more popular than ever and we have the water sense program to thank for that. With many water sense products on the market, it’s making it much easier for homeowners across the world to build and sustain eco-friendly homes. A big way to save in the bathroom is by purchasing an eco-friendly toilet such as the WHMFL3309-EB Magic Flush toilet by Whitehaus. With the symphonic flush settings allowing you to use a full or partial flush, you won’t have to compromise style for functionality.water-efficiency

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