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Commercial kitchens differ from residential kitchens in several ways. They are designed to handle large food production and meet strict food safety guidelines. Most commercial kitchens use professional equipment, often made from stainless steel, for easy cleaning and sanitation. Professional refrigeration equipment is required as well, as it is designed to quickly transition from temperature levels where food borne illnesses are most likely to grow.

Industrial stoves have more intense heat output than residential ranges, with the capacity to cook in volume. Dishwashing equipment should be able to reach temperatures hot enough to sanitize, or have multiple sink compartments to wash, rinse and sanitize by hand.

Successful commercial kitchens are planned and designed with easy work flow in mind. There should be sufficient space between appliances for employees to seamlessly navigate the kitchen; and there should be enough counter space for efficient prep and assembling processes. Also, they need different cooking stations set up to deal with specific tasks: prep, cooking, baking, frying, grilling and catering areas, for example.

Whether your commercial kitchen is in your home or in a separate facility, it’s a good idea to design it so you can complete your work as efficiently as possible. Regardless of whether you’re making a few batches of cookies for your family reunions or catering to large events, make sure your commercial kitchen has all you need to make it a successful one.

Whitehaus Collection® has an extensive line of commercial sinks for every need. The Noah’s Collection offers the Chefhaus Series sinks, that are ideal to fit not only a commercial set up, but also to satisfy your inner chef and the dream kitchen at home.

The Chefhaus Series sinks are made from 16 gauge, 304 stainless steel with an 18/8 chrome and nickel content. The benefits of this quality stainless steel ensures them to be scratch,  stain and chip resistant making them part of the most durable sinks on the market. These sinks come complete with a full undercoat over noise reduction dampening pads to reduce any noise of running water, or dropping utensils. Its four diagonal grooves integrated into the sink are made to channel water directly to the drain, creating easy clean-up for even the toughest messes.

Available in different sizes and configurations, as well as different installation options; the Chefhaus Collection sinks respond to every need and preference of commercial AND at home chefs alike.

Please visit for more stainless steel kitchen sink options; as well as commercial faucets and accessories.


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