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The age of exclusively silver stainless steel appliances is nearing an end. The stainless steel trend began 15 years ago and has been a staple in the modern day home ever since. A common question we find ourselves asking is “what will replace stainless steel?” It is a classic style the matches well with virtually any color palette and kitchen style.

Today we’re bringing to you the hot new colored appliance trend. While the designs themselves are not an entirely different look, these new color options brings more dimension and character to the kitchen.

We’ve seen the all white and neutral kitchen trend being done for a little while now and homeowners and designers seem to be testing the waters with a bit of color. In kitchen design, we bring color in through cabinets, countertops, and now appliances. The popular colors that have been released so far are sunset bronze, slate and black and white ice.

Sunset Bronze
Sunset bronze is very similar to stainless steel but with a warmer undertone. In certain lighting it will almost seem like you can’t tell too much of a difference, it will just give your kitchen a bit of a warmer glow verses the cold silver of traditional stainless. Sunset bronze is a painted version of traditional stainless steel. This process of color blocking still allows for the natural grain to show through and holds the same durability and smudge proof properties as stainless does.

Black & White Ice
Whirlpool has release a more unique collection of black and white ice appliances. With a glossy glass like finish and stainless steel handles, these are for sure appliances of the future. Sleek and clean, they will be perfect in contemporary and modern style kitchens.

One thing to remember when following this colored stainless trend is some companies colors may vary. Unless you don’t mind a little variation, you may want to stick to the same company for each appliance to get a perfect match.

Trend Alert: Colored Appliances| Kitchen Bath Trends
Trend Alert: Colored Appliances| Kitchen Bath Trends


Image Sources: Kitchenaid  |  Whirlpool

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